Ogdoadica Self-Study & Initiation in the Ogdoadic Hermetic Tradition of High Magick

Founded in 2016, OGDOADICA provides a step-by-step study guide for anyone wishing to practice the classic Ogdoadic path as laid out in the published Aurum Solis material by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips, from probationer, through the Third Hall Adeptus Minor material – as well as a forum where solitary practitioners can offer each other support, share ideas and resources.

The Ogdoadic Tradition is a branch of the historical Western Mystery Tradition, which draws from the Hermetica and is distinct from its Rosicrucian counterpart. Other sources are Neoplatonism, the Qabalah, ceremonial magick and mysticism. Its main text corpus in modern times has been set forth in the works of Melita Denning’s and Osborne Phillip’s “The Magickal Philosophy.