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The antiquarian society Societas Rotae Fulgentis (S.R.F.) moves from West England to the home of the Martin family in London.



Societas Rotae Fulgentis has essays on models for the Greek form of the Setting of the Wards of Power.



SRF members George Stanton and Charles Kingold formally constitute the Order Aurum Solis with the intention “to re-establish the Wisdom of the Mages and to proclaim anew the Secrets of the Alchemists.” Stanton serves as the Order’s Grand Master until WWI.



Rabbi Morris Greenberg becomes the second Grand Master or the Order, and the Order official goes dark for the duration of World War I (1914 – 1918)



In the increasingly politically charged environment of the late 1930’s, the Order issues the following message to its members:

“The development of the individual towards perfection, we hold to be a sacred duty: and we work for the common good, as a means towards the perfecting of every individual. To invert this ideal, and to regard the individual as existing only for the good of the race as a whole, is to stultify all higher aspiration, and is directly opposed to the purposes of Occultism.”



Death of Rabbi Morris Greenberg. Charles Roughlett-Bock becomes the third Grand Master, continuing for 14 years.



The Order once again goes dark for the duration of World War II



Following the war several Order members work in private both in England and Continental Europe with rituals intended to dispel the astral aftermath of the war and re-forge the links with the Higher Planes. These few did not use formal Order methods or workings and drew primarily on medieval magical methodology, achieving notable result.



The Order renews regular meetings and reorganizes. Successful efforts are made for a few years to keep up the Order’s work and activity-level.



Michael Bernard Foy becomes the fourth Grand Master, continuing for 24 years.



The Order faces an internal crisis over differing approaches to ritual (Masonic vs. Non-Masonic). Since the end of WWI there began to be an increase of Masons and those who practiced other traditions with Masonic elements within the Order. In 1956 the chiefs of the Order reviewed the methodology of its ritual workings and reached the following conclusions:

“Initiation into an understanding of the Occult powers does not necessarily result in the ability to make magical use of those powers. In English Freemasonry (the only type of Freemasonry reviewed in this instance) a type of ritual has been developed which is designed to initiate the understanding but, by deliberate intention, not to lead into ceremonial magick. The Freemasons do not claim and do not wish to be magicians. A Masonic type of ritual is not therefore likely to be suited to a magical Order.”



Those Aurum Solis members who had supported the Masonic-based ritual leave as a result of the Order’s conclusions and form a new Order – the Hermetic Order of the Sacred Word (or Ordo Sacri Verbi).


The Aurum Solis decides to reorganize its rituals along their original structures, so “that the rites and the philosophy of the Order should reflect the joy and freedom of the Spirit which has been so much a part of true Magick in all ages; and that, as in the early days of the Order, the essential standard of judgment on any practice should not simply be that of philosophic and technical correctness, but that of effectiveness.”



While initially governed by a Council of three members, in 1959 Ernest Page, noted London astrologer, graphologist, poet, and mentor of Leon Barcynski, is installed as the “Warden” (Grand Master) of the OSV and begins working toward a reunion of the OSV with the Aurum Solis. Page also brings into the OSV new members with Martinist, Druidic, and Theosophical backgrounds, broadening the scope of the Order and its Adepti.



Leon Barcynski is installed as Warden of the OSV. After a fourteen-year separation, the Ordo Aurum Solis and Ordo Sacri Verbi are united again into a single Order.



Publication of The Magical Philosophy by Adepti Minores Vivian Godfrey and Leon Barcynski begins. The name “Ogdoadic” for this Tradition is coined by them within this publication.



Thomas Maughan becomes the fifth Grand Master, continuing for only one year. He was also Chief Druid of England in the Druid Order.



Vivian Godfrey becomes the sixth Grand Master (after the death of Thomas Maughan). She is the first female Grand Master of the Order.



In issue #49 of the magazine Gnostica is announced the union of the Ordo Aurum Solis with the “Gnostic-Aquarian Church.”



Vivian Godfrey and Leon Barcynski are consecrated as Autocephalous Bishops by Herman Adrian Spruit



Vivian Godfrey and Leon Barcynski consecrate Carl Llewellyn Weschke as an Autocephalous Bishop.



Carl Lewellyn Weschke becomes the seventh Grand Master. While living in the United States (St. Paul, MN), both Vivian Godfrey (Melita Denning) and Leon Barcynski (Osborne Phillips) retire from their Grand Commandery Offices and choose their publisher, Carl Llewellyn Weschke, to become the next Grand Master.



At the unanimous request of the Order members, Vivian Godfrey and Leon Barcynski take office again, with Vivian now becoming the eighth Grand Master.



Following the death of Vivian Godfrey, Leon Barcynski becomes the ninth Grand Master.



Vivienne O’Regan established as “Acting Grand Master” of Aurum Solis



Barcynski resumes Grand Master role.



The Ordo Aurum Solis disbands the American Commanderies of the Order, issues a Charter of Authority and Succession to William Stoltz, and reconstitutes itself as an exclusively Christian body.


With the Charter of Authority and Succession William Stoltz establishes the Ordo Astrum Sophiæ, an Order designed to carry on the traditional praxis and teachings of the original Aurum Solis, becoming this Order’s first Grand Master.



Barcynski retires office and installs Jean-Louis de Biasi as the tenth Grand Master of the Ordo Aurum Solis. For a time, de Biasi restores the Aurum Solis to its original teachings and practices.



The Ordo Astrum Sophiæ reintegrates with the Ordo Aurum Solis under de Biasi, though this lasts only a few months before the Ordo Astrum Sophiæ once again declares its independence and adherence to the original Order material.



Raul da Costa Moreira receives charter of authority from Barcynski as the “First of the Council of Three of the Societas Rotae Fulgentis” to establish an Order in the Ogdoadic Tradition. Da Costa Moreira founds the Societas Lucis Viventis – an Order focused on the Christian mysteries of the Ogdoadic Tradition.



Under de Biasi, the Ordo Aurum Solis “rebrands” itself as “Mediterranean Yoga.”


Derik Richards installed as second Grand Master of the Ordo Astrum Sophiæ, which is now the sole vehicle of the traditional teachings and practices of the Ogdoadic Hermetic Tradition as once represented by the Ordo Aurum Solis.