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Frequently Asked Questions

What is This?

Founded in 2016, OGDOADICA provides a step-by-step study guide for anyone wishing to practice the classic Ogdoadic path as laid out in the published Aurum Solis material by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips, from probationer, through the Third Hall Adeptus Minor material – as well as a forum where solitary practitioners can offer each other support, share ideas and resources.

Are you affiliated with the Aurum Solis?

No, we are unaffiliated with the modern day Aurum Solis, which has significantly changed its teachings, interpretations, and practices and adopted a commercial approach to and significant deviation from the traditional Ogdoadic Mysteries.

Why do this?

Many of us discovered and fell in love with the Ogdoadic Tradition of High Magick through the prolific writings of two of the Aurum Solis’s Grand Masters – the husband/wife team of Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips. In an effort to both contribute to the preserving of the teaching and praxis found in their published material – which were practiced by the Aurum Solis until its current head’s radical change of direction –  as well as help facilitate the discovery of this venerable tradition by new comers – we’re putting together resources for those who wish to work through this rich material.

Can't I just do this on my own? What's the benefit of this program?

You certainly can! We think the benefits we bring to the attempt are unpublished resources (created specifically for this project – we do not publish or share private works from current Orders) and the support and companionship of like-minded others also pursuing this Ogdoadic path on their own.

What does this cost?

Other than having to acquire the published books on your own, absolutely nothing.

We hold to the Traditional Constitution of the Ordo Aurum Solis in asserting that “No one shall make any profit by virtue of being a member or leader” of this Tradition, and  “…initiations and advancements are spiritual gifts of the Order, no fees shall be charged for performing these rites.”

This project is a labor of love for all those involved, and we are not asking for any monetary support in any way.

Don't we need to be initiated?

There are many benefits to being Initiated, however we should keep in mind – as said by Denning and Phillips in The Magical Philosophy: “It is undeniably true that no process of initiation can impart to a person any power or faculty which they do not, at least in potential, already possess.”

In the absence of an established House or Commandery with a dedicated Temenos and team of Initiators – what are we to do?

This project stems from a program of study and work initially proposed and published by D&P in The Magical Philosophy – so it is clear that in their opinion there is still great value to be had in working sans Initiation. That said, one of the unpublished resources we provide is a set of self-initiation rituals one may use while pursuing the Great Work within the Ogdoadic Tradition on one’s own.

Initiation serves three main purposes – in order of importance:

A) Empowerment

B) Education

C) Admission

Empowerment – in esoteric initiatory bodies, the initiation is often designed to act upon the subtle bodies and energies of the initiate in such a way that they are subsequently changed and empowered for the work ahead. “…[This purpose is thus] to assist the candidate to realize by experience, in stages which reflect the natural evolution of the functions and faculties of the psyche, those inner powers whose due awakening and correct ordering result in the attainment of magical power, with the dynamic integration of all aspects of the personality.” – D&P

Education – frequently, initiatory secrets and even history lectures are used to convey special knowledge and a context for the initiation and its work while the candidate is in a heightened state.

Admission – the most mundane function of an initiation is to serve as an admission into an organization, or specific level within an organization.

With this in mind, Self-Initiation can, with effort, capably provide two out of those three objectives, and the two more important objectives at that.

This isn’t to say that objectives A and B aren’t made more logistically difficult when self-initiating, there is a wide gulf between “harder” and “impossible.”

Can someone even BE "self-initiated"?

Specifically within the context of the Aurum Solis, we know from the published history that in 1897 members of an esoteric-themed antiquarian society (the SRF) made the decision to begin operative work with their theoretical material and formed a new Order (the A.S.) as the vehicle for this pursuit.

Unlike their counterparts in the HOGD, they chose not to invent some grand back-story wherein the mystical “chain of initiation” was passed to them, making them the “lawful chiefs.” There were no “Hidden Chiefs” purportedly guiding them – no, they acknowledged that it simply began with them.

From this we may infer that they composed their initiatory rites, and we have no knowledge that they, themselves, ever underwent them. No – rather, through their own mystical and magical endeavors they achieved points A and B (as outlined in the previous questions answer).

I think then that we are not only in “safe waters” as it were with self-initiating into the Ogdoadic Tradition, but also in very good historical company.

If I work through this whole program will I be an Aurum Solis Adeptus Minor?

In short, no.

It should (but will not) go without saying that object C of Initiation, that of Admission is viable via this route of self-initiation, though only in part.

What do we mean by this? One may, we assert, clearly and demonstrably gain admission into the Ogdoadic Tradition via these methods. One may not, however, claim membership within a specific Initiatory body thereby. After a long and diligent study and practice of the material as laid-out within this program, one may – quite confidently – assert a degree of “Adept-ness” within the Ogdoadic Tradition. This does not make one an “Adept of the Aurum Solis.”

This should be very clear to the self-initiating Adept. This, of course, does not lesson the quality of one’s attainment or understanding – it is simply a matter of logistical difference.

It may seem like unnecessary hair-splitting to assert that one is a “student and practitioner of the Ogdoadic Tradition utilizing the original teachings and praxis of the Aurum Solis” – but it is correct, and precise – and in our magical pursuits precision is important.

I can't find a particular book, can you send me a PDF?


There will absolutely be no pirating of materials or violating of copyright in this endeavor. We will happily do what we can to assist in the locating of some of the more hard to find titles, of course.

We understand that unfortunately many of these titles have been allowed to go out of print, are difficult to find, and/or are ridiculously over-priced in the current market. We are currently seeking a (legal) solution to this conundrum.

My question isn't listed here...

Feel free to reach out to us via our FB Group, and we’ll do our best to answer your question for you. We might even add your question to this page here to help those who come after you.